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If you've tried viewing our Recipes page, you might have noticed that there isn't much to it yet.  We are in the midst of creating that page and acquiring recipes from our viewers.  Please bear with us as we work on providing you an excellent source for child-friendly meals.

Calling Your Monitor

Please respect that our employees have personal lives. If you need to reach your monitor, we would appreciate it if you would only call or text during our office hours.

Our office hours are:

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Thank you for understanding

Child Food Program of Texas

is proud to announce that

we now sponsor

At Risk Children and Shelters!

We have been in the process of updating our website to bring you the latest information regarding claim reimbursement, and are proud to announce that we now extend our sponsorship to two additional branches. As you can see, each branch we cover is color coded. This is because, at one point, our daycare homes and daycare centers were colored by their computer software. To keep things easy, we've decided to continue using this method.

Daycare Homes | Daycare Centers

Emergency/Placement Children's Shelters

Low-Income At-Risk Sites

Daycare Centers,

Shelters, and At-Risk Sites

My Simple Menu

My Simple Menu is up and running!

Please bear with us if you are not yet on the program as we only transfer a handful at a time. Stay alert for your welcome letter and instructional guide.

Daycare Homes


On September 27, 2019 we sent you a package with your yearly child re-enrollment forms. It consisted of 2-part forms for every daycare child in attendance that the parent must review, update, sign, and date. If you have never received this packet, please call the office immediately @ 281-395-7000.

Holiday Closures

The holidays are with us once more.

Our holiday closures are as follows.


November closures

Wednesday 11/27 thru Friday 11/29


December closures

Tuesday 12/24 thru Friday 12/27


New Year’s closures

Tuesday 12/31/19 thru Wednesday 1/1/20

As of October 1st, every Daycare Center, Shelter, and At-Risk Site has had an account created in the File Cabinet.  Check your inbox for the entire month of September and October for the email titled, “You've got a folder!”.  If you still don’t see it, search your Spam folder. This email has your username and temporary password, as well as an easy-to-use instructional guide.  Everyone should be utilizing the File Cabinet at the start of January 1st, 2020.

You can find the link to the File Cabinet on our website, below the left navigational menu.

The File Cabinet!

This website has been updated.  Be sure to clean your cache and reload the page.

"How Do I Clean my Cache?"

Toll free (877) 395-6560

Site Update: 10/29/19

Website undergoing major upgrades to include two new branches: Emergency Placement Children's Shelters, and Low-Income At-Risk Sites.  Every page updated.


If you run into any errors, please send a detailed description to

Toll Free

(877) 395-6560

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PO Box 5465

Katy, TX 77491


(281) 395-7000

Physical Address

1150 S. Mason Rd

Suite 108

Katy, TX 77450


(281) 395-7002

Office Hours

M-F 9am - 5pm

Sat-Sun Closed

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