PY 2018 Mandatory Annual Training

This year, we are doing the Happy Mealtimes for Healthy Kids module. This will be delivered to you by your monitor, but you can find below if you wish to get a headstart.

Continuing Education

Civil Rights Self-Study Training Participant Guide

Civil Rights Training Assessment

Training Modules

Please note that these training modules are available as an additional benefit of being sponsored by Child Food Program of Texas. We will not grade and issue certificates for facilities we do not sponsor.


Listed below are the free in-home instruction modules we currently have available. They can be used towards your credit hours of continuing education required for your DPRC registration or license.


The training modules requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can get from this web site: You can then print it out on your printer.


Remember: Sign and date the bottom of every test or you will not be awarded a certificate.

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MMCX for Centers requires a

Windows-based computer or laptop

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