Fluffy Paper Plate Snowman

Featured in the

December 2016 Newsletter!

Required Materials

  • two white paper plates:
    one dinner plate size and one dessert size
  • bag of cotton balls
  • liquid glue
  • black construction paper
  • orange construction paper
  • scraps of fabric


  1. Begin by inviting your toddler to gently stretch out the cotton balls. For my younger 2’s, this was a challenge, but it was good fine motor work for their developing muscles. If the cotton balls get torn into pieces, that is okay. The purpose of the cotton balls is to create texture in the snowman. To make him look lumpy and uneven, like a real snowman.
  2. Use liquid glue to glue the cotton balls down onto the paper plates, both the dinner and dessert plates.
  3. Cut a rectangle from the black construction paper for the top of the hat. Glue down at to top of the dessert plate.
  4. Cut a second rectangle, longer and thinner to serve as the brim and glue down.
  5. Cut out two circles for coal-black eyes and glue down under the hat.
  6. An orange triangle for a carrot nose.
  7. Use a long strip of fabric for a scarf and glue down.
  8. Due to the weight of the glue and the cotton balls, staple the two paper plate together to form the head and the body of the snowman. Then, cover up the staples by pulling the cotton balls over them.