1. We started with some pre-cut circles out of white construction paper, and some of the children cut their own out as well. They were all about 3 to 4 inches across.  I also traced some hat shapes on different color papers.
  2. When the children sat down at my table during centers, I explained the plan.  Each letter in their first names would have its own “snowball” (white paper circle).  The face of their name snowmen would also get one snowball.  Each child created his snowman’s face and hat first, and there was a lot of creativity at play!  We had upside-down hats, wiggly eyes on hats, huge button noses, and so many more interesting creations.  It’s always nice to see each child’s personality and individuality come across in activities like this.
  3. Once the snowmen faces and hats were complete, I had each child write the letters in her name on “snowballs”.  The kiddos did a wonderful job writing just one letter on each circle.  Only 1 or 2 children needed help putting the letters in the correct order or writing certain letters.
  4. Then it was on to assembling the snowmen.  The kids stacked the letters in their names, then added the snowmen’s heads on top.  They all turned out even cuter than I thought they would!

Name Snowmen

Featured in the

December 2016 Newsletter!

From Fun-A-Day

Required Materials

  • various colors of construction paper
  • wiggly eyes
  • stick-on eyes
  • craft jewels
  • wide variety of pom poms
  • buttons